Fluorescent polymers

When polyelectrolyte molecules are covalently linked to fluorescent dyes, they can be monitored in a:

  • fluorescence microscope
  • laser scanning microscope
  • fluorescence spectrometer
  • flow cytometer
  • and more

By means of a confocal laser scanning microscope, for example, the amount of labeled polymers adsorbed at a surface can be quantitatively determined, giving information on surface properties of materials (charge, porosity), flow conditions in tubes, deposit/sediment on catheters or in microfluidics, etc. .

Furthermore, these polymers can be used in all Layer-by-Layer coatings in order to evaluate coating performance and stability. We offer a wide choice of fluorescent polymers tailored for the excitation and emission settings of your instruments.

In addition to fluorescent dyes, Surflaylabels polymers with other functional materials such ascomplexation agents,photo receptorsorradical formerson request. Below is a list of the dye-labelled polyelectrolytes we offer.