Nanoscale Surface Analysis QCM

Label-free Measurement of surface processes via QCM D E4 Analyzer

The Quartz Crystal Microbalance QCM-D of Q-Sense (Biolin Scientific) enables online and label-free measurements of surface adsorptions or surface-bound processes such as ad- or desorptions, changes of mass and mechanical properties in deposited ultra-thin films.

Key Features

  • Analyzing molecule adsorption from aqueous solution
  • Sensitivity in Nanogram scale
  • Measure in addition mechanical properties of films
  • Measuring not only deposited material (as WGM or SPR) but also hydration
  • Useful for studying swelling/shrinking of films
  • Independent of refractive index


  • 1 sample: 250 €
  • 2 samples: 350 €
  • 4 samples: 500 €
  • 10 samples: 750 €

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