Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy

Measurement and Visualization of Surface structures and Fluorescence via Leica TCS SPE

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopes (CLSM) are widely used to resolve detailed structure of specific objects such as cells, particles surfaces by different fluorescence channels. It yields sharp images of the plane of focus without disturbing fluorescent light from the background. The Scan of different planes in z-direction allows the creation of three-dimensional images of the object or also the quantification of fluorescent objects inside of such objects.

LDS035_2 LbL-Capsules (labeled with Cy5) filled with Streptavidin-Rhodamine and bound Biotin-Fluorescein (Surflay)

By using several standards and fluorescence labeled polyelectrolytes we can also offer semi-quantitative measurements of surface charges, homogeneity of mesoporous materials (HPLC materials), penetration of dyes or labeled polymers into filtration materials or gel matrices, permeability of membranes and many investigations more. 3D Mesoporous glass boundles visualized by adsorption of fluorescent polyelectrolytes (Surflay)

Possible Sample Measurements:

  • Fluorescent or opaque samples
  • Particles > 300 nm diameter
  • Time-series of processes (diffusion, adsorption dt > 3 s)
  • Z-stacks (z-resolution 600 nm), three dimensional images
  • Determination of permeability by differently sized analytes
  • Surface (zeta)-potential with high spatial resolution

Prices on request in dependence on type of measurement!

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